Edward Moogk's Roll Back The Years on p. 63 states: " 406-408 [Yonge St., Toronto] the Canadian Symphonola Co. Ltd. was promoting the symphonola [sic] as Canada's "premier phonograph."  The company also advertised a line of Imperial double-disc records, though there is some doubt that they were ever issued, despite claims of a 1,500-title catalogue."

Machine for sale in Toronto, February 2009 (photos by Keith Wright).


Curiously, the soundbox has the Phonola trademark on it:

Betty Minaker Pratt supplies this ad from
the Toronto Daily Star, Sept. 7, 1917, p. 18 asking for a man to take charge of office for the Symphonola factory, 31 Brock Ave. :

Also this ad from the Toronto Daily Star, October 20, 1917, p. 2 (cropped by KW).

Betty also points out that Canadian Symphonola appears under Phonographs in the Canadian Trade Index (Tor. Ref.) in 1920-21, and 1923-24.
Richard Kuchinsky sends, "I am currently a resident (and Condo Board member) of the Brock Lofts that were the original home for this company (31 Brock Ave, Toronto)."

And supplied this photograph of the address in August, 2009.

Jeff Cook sends in the following pictures with the comments:

"I own a Symphonola (see attachments) which has been in my family for many years...It still plays quite well and is in excellent shape...":

This reproducer was for sale in Toronto in November, 2009.  It reads 'The New Symphonola', 'Master of Melody' and 'Toronto Canada'.  I am assuming this is the same marque.  (Photo courtesy of Arthur Zimmerman, hands courtesy of KW.)

KW found this advert for Mason and Risch that names two Symphonola models (mahogany and oak) from Morning Leader Dec. 15, 1921 page 8:

And these two adverts from the Toronto World, Nov. 23, 1919 page 38:


Vancouver Sun, 1918 courtesy

In 2014, owner Jeff Clark kept open his Orono Antique Market long enough for me to take these pictures.  He was already late for a family dinner.  He also told me I'd be disappointed when I opened it up.  I was as there was a modern electric turntable inside.

6,800 Square Foot Multi-Vendor Antique Market,
6 Park Street, Orono, P.O. Box 249, L0B 1M0.

(photos by Keith Wright)