Edward Moogk's Roll Back The Years p. 81 states: 

"[at the start of the 1920s] A period of inflation followed and then gave way to a general economic depression in the early 1920s.  While this did not produce a crisis situation for the young industry, it began to undertake a more realistic assessment of the overall operation.

"New companies, nevertheless, continued to enter the field, and they included the Windsor Phonograph and Record Company Ltd., located on Papineau Avenue in Montreal.  It advertised the Windsor as an all-Canadian phonograph and also issued a line of Windsor records."

Jennifer Mueller contributes the following advertisement
from the Toronto Star, Saturday November 6, 1920, (p. 10):

Ray Brousseau of Coboconk, Ontario sent the following picture of a needle tin in June, 2010:

Needle pack KW collection acquired in July, 2012:

Machine found on submitted by "Michelle M" that may be related (location unknown, found 2014).