Machine for sale in Toronto, March 2007 (photos taken by Betty Minaker Pratt at CAPS meeting, March 18).


Text of email from Betty Pratt:

Yes, that's the name they've put on the machine for the head of the R.(Richard) S.(Sugden) Williams Co. of Oshawa. They were Edison dealers, but also made their own machines (or, in the case of other factories, had a trademark machine made FOR them) during the craze.

We have a great deal on R.S. Williams who had their store on Yonge St. and were as prominent for many years (giving their antique collection to ROM, and resulting in the book, Under The Sign of The Big Fiddle by L. Cslenyi). But the phonographs they produced need more research!
Machine for sale in Victoria, Brampton, ON October 2003 (photos by KW):