Classic Car Show at the Distillery District 2006

The Distillery District has been created out of the old Gooderham and Worts distillery, parts of which have been virtually unchanged since the 19th century.  Kendal and I wondered down and tried to show the cars against the wonderful surroundings--we shared the camera.


The show was a public vote competition for best looking car restorations.   The guy who owned the beautiful Delorean really tried to get our vote as you can see below!! (Imagine anyone even breathing on these things!!)  Kendal looks right at home.  Yes, I asked the owner if he'd used it to time-travel.  Bet he was never asked that before...

Line up of Fords.

On one, they had a cover for the crank.  I'd never thought of that before.  It looks original and it makes sense--holds it in place.

Quick, how many horse power?