July 9 and beyond

If we're done why on Earth are we so flipping busy????????

As soon as the building inspector left the building...

Happy campers with the Official Photograph of Casa Wright.

We start having the neighbours over to view.  This is our immediate neighbour who had to put up with the roof work smell, the noise, and so on.  (It's her champagne too!)  She was off to a holiday in Greece so we had her first.

And now OUR work started.  The girls moved into our old room and we started to re-do THEIR old room for Kendal to occupy.  Under the last bit of carpet in the house we discovered antique hardwood.  So, first you strip the floor.

Then re-do it again. 


And there are still two other rooms to go!!!!!!!

But it is our gold under the rainbow.

Some later additions:

Ozzie proofing the deck.  Remember he showed us the flaw and was out on the neighbour's roof (and we imagined him racing off the roof and into the tree after a squirrel).

Under the light in the hallway was always an old gas pipe.  This is how the house was lit originally--no electricity, gaslight. 

Scott assured me that I could remove it with a gas pipe (okay, Kendal removed it).  (There is still one in the wall which comes up from the basement--not attached to anything.  I have no idea where it starts down there.)

Here Kendal removes the pipe sticking through the other way into Keira's room. 

Here is a knob and a tube from the original wiring.  This is from the last of it in the house, which I removed when the closet came down.

The tube in use.  End on showing how it looks pushed in a hole drilled through the joist/stud, and side view showing the wire going in and out.

The knob in use.  It clamps on the wire as it parrallels the wood.

Good thing its all gone, eh?

Cheeky (any other kind?) and hot Squirrel chilling out on the new deck.  Ozzie was not let out.

Remember the raccoon paw under the neighbour's deck?  Well, there was more than one.

The neighbour called animal control and the under part of the deck was 'fenced in' and given a one-way door so that once they went out, they could never return.  Obviously one of the critters was larger than the rest and took more time to get out (slim down?).  It was disconcerting to hear it's cry but fortunately it eventually got out.