Webster's Falls and Tews Falls 2006

A coworker mentioned that he had visited these two falls and that his parents said they'd often been there in the 1960s.  The Niagara escarpment is home to more falls than...well...the 'Niagara' ones.  We had a wonderful late fall picnic that started at Webster's falls.  Then we had a hike along part of the Bruce Trail to Tews falls.  Tews is almost as high as 'Niagara Falls'.  I imagined that our access to these was much as access to 'Niagara' was years ago.  They are wild.  They aren't landscaped or turned into a money machine.  Yet.

Picnic at the Webster's Falls area

Bruce Trail along the escarpment.

Tews Falls

(only Webster's, as at Tews we had 'technical difficulties'...this time)
Webster's top (1.1 meg)
Webster's bottom  (1.7 meg)