Stupid Cat Tricks
(OK, maybe not so stupid)

Over the years we have been allowed to live with a number of cats.  We have tried to have two around at a time to keep each other company.  First there was an Abyssinian with a domestic shorthair.  Then there were two Abys (Solomon and Zulu).  Then an Aby and two Occicats (Zulu, Ozzie and Laptop (a.k.a. Lapard)).  And now there are two Occicats (Ozzie and Lapard).

One well-read cat!                                          

"Black Beauty".  Unfortunately, the scanner truncated too much of the 'y'.

It's in the bag!  Yes, both are real cats--the black one is not a stuffed toy.

It's in the bag(2).

We're not sure about your baby there, Mom.

Dad sure has broad shoulders.  The Abys were shoulder-riders--although not normally on the same set at the same time.

Wright Flyer #1.

Wright Flyer #2.

Ozzie can sleep anywhere--as long as it is a box.

...even when he has to share.

I thought the phrase was to let the cat out of the bag!

Rule #1 with any job: take the cat off.

Most stairs have a newel post.  Ours always has a meow-ell post!

Lapard attack!

He knocked the can off the counter and...well...he's not so stupid.

On St. Valentine's Day everyone gets into the act.

Best Friends

Full lap.

Face to face with at least one raccoon after the green bin on the front porch.