Trinette's Graduation
June, 2009

Trinette had enough credits last year (2008) to graduate with her friends at North Toronto, but she put in a 'victory lap' year to complete her science credits at the Ontario Science Centre Science School.  This is an accredited high school right in the world-famous Ontario Science Centre that takes only 26 kids a semester.  She had a great time!

With her friend Kelsey.  The red lab coats are famous for signifying students in the Science School.  Quite the badge of honour.

The two ended up as the class 'Historians'--a valedictorian-type role.

What else do you choose as centerpieces for the science school?

They were the 54th semester of the school.

Class photo.

Class photo as pirates.  Apparently everything was more fun while talking like a pirate--Argghh!

What nerd doesn't have a pocket full of...

After a while I guess the dress shoes get uncomfortable.

At the inevitable third-deck dinner...