Toronto and the World Cup Final

I will be careful in my statement about the Italian population in Toronto.  One quote calls it the single largest population of Italians outside of Italy.  Another statistic about the number of Italians in Brazil blows that away, so I will just say that the number in Toronto is very large and well known.  The area on a street called St. Clair is renowned as 'Little Italy'.  However, just east of us on Danforth there is a smaller--but equally enthusiastic--number of them (even though our area is called 'Greektown').  Here are some scenes I rushed out to capture after Italy won the 2006 World Cup.   (Imagine what it was like on St. Clair.)

At first the police just tried to keep the traffic moving.  Here is one showing that he is not hostile to their partying by wearing a flag himself.

But eventuaally they had to close this block of 'The Danforth'--a very major road.