Week 11
June 11 - June 17

The stairs arrived!  And therein lies a tale of a company NOT to deal with and a contractor to stick with.

But first, at the beginning of the week, they put the drawers by the closet and started the floor.

They also tiled the bathroom.  Remember the fancy tiles?  Where 33 were ordered and ONE showed up?  Well, when Scott was phoned again he went to pick them up.  This time there were...66!

All together..ooohhh, aaahhhh!

Oh, and the sink was put in.

And then!  The stairs!  They arrive!  But the stair delivery team decides that they can't put them in and the guy who measured them (their guy) should come back and put them in himself!  And they leave!  So when I get home, this is the wonderful job those dip-sticks have left!

To show you the next picture I had to brave the ladder that replaced the Stairway To Heaven.

But Scott has an idea.  He demolishes part of the closet wall to the bedroom and brings back the brick layers to help.  (And BTW, Scott finds an ancient 'knob-and-tube' electrical circuit I didn't want to demolish the house to find.  This means that now I had work on the weekend to replace the d*&$ thing since Scott originally gave me until Monday!  One of the main reasons is that this UNGROUNDED line runs the main computer!!!!!  As of the weekend, this was fixed.)

So on Friday.  Guess what!!!

This calls for a toast!!!

And oddly enough, that night Toronto also celebrates with fireworks!!  (Okay, I have no idea why these were let off--but they were.)

Okay, I did find out what the fireworks were REALLY for:

  TORONTO, June 13 /CNW/ - Toronto Fire Services is pleased to announce the
Second Annual Fire Chief's Evening for Child Safety 2007. This evening is open
to the public, and Toronto Fire Services encourages families to attend and
participate in our safety-themed activities.

    Date:        Friday, June 15
    Time:        Activities from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. with a fireworks display
                 scheduled for 9:30 p.m.
    Location:    249 Queens Quay W., at the rear of the Radisson Admiral

    The focus of this year's event is on activities highlighting children's
safety. Some of the featured safety activities include: a car seat clinic, a
children's fingerprinting station, a family BBQ hosted by Enbridge Gas, water
safety displays, fire extinguisher training, a water display by the William
Lyon Mackenzie Fire Boat, and a helicopter demonstration by the Canadian Armed
    A 10-minute fireworks display at 9:30 p.m. will wrap-up the evening's

I still say it was because of the stairs.

Keira enjoyed some time in the room.

So that weekend it's dinner on the deck!

We pause for our usual Riverdale Wildlife story.  Kendal heard an odd noise from a neighbour's back deck.  We noticed there was a hole in the insulation between it and the roof.

Then we saw why it was there.

See the paw at extreme digital zoom?  There is one, maybe a family of raccoons under there.

Sunday night is was time for the portable Victrola and my 'new' 78s from the antique show that weekend.

Our final images are NOT of one of us with a glass of wine (you might get the right--er, wrong--impression) they are of tests made of a new lighting system they will start using on the CN tower the week before Canada Day.


And now if feels like we're soooooooo close.