Casa Wright
(well, we hope not entirely)

This project is 'lovingly' named after Toronto's only castle--Casa Loma.  ("Casa Wright" also comes from something said by Frank M.)  According to Casa Loma's website:

"Casa Loma, one of Toronto's premier tourist attractions, is visited by tourists, year-round
An unabashed romantic, Sir Henry Pellatt engaged the noted architect E.J. Lennox to help him realize a life-long dream - the creation of a 'medieval' castle on the brow of a hill overlooking Toronto. Begun in 1911, it took 300 men nearly 3 years to complete and cost $3,500,000 at that time...
Casa Loma stood as a monument to its creator - it surpassed any other private home in North America. With its soaring battlements and secret passageways, it paid homage to the castles and knights of days gone by.

"Sir Henry enjoyed Casa Loma for less than ten years before financial misfortune forced him to abandon his castle home."

The Vision

When we moved in, there were two adults.  Now there are five and one is even larger than me!  So guess what we decided to do?  Rather than E. J. Lennox, we used M.J. Design Consultants--just as good in my opinion.  The plans were developed in 2002!  It has taken this long for us to get this project started.  This Casa Wright image is from a presentation Maurice (Mr. M.J. himself) put together to go before the Toronto City Planning Committee to beg them to allow us to build up.  (We also had to bring signatures from our neighbours to say it was okay.  "Please sign this or we'll have to move a gazillion miles away into the desert lands of suburbia!  [sob]  Oh, I see you need your lawn cut, can I do it for you?")

The Contractor
...has done work on four(?) of the houses on our street--not including work on our house (and they've already done work on our house).

The Work



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