Week 13
June 25 - July 1

Things have reallyy sllloooowwwweeeedddd down.

Essential it was a wait for the stair folks to return to do the banisters.  While we waited the stairs we re-coated around some scheduling for us.  We had the bed delivered one day and the mattress, etc. the next.

Then we finally had some visitors in to see the addition--an ulterior motive was to say 'good bye' to Trinette for most of the summer as she was off to Deep River Science Academy to do some forestry research.

(Note on this very warm day at the end of June it was quite cool up there as we were getting the wind off the lake!)

That was it.  We delivered Trinette (5.5 hours each way!) and rushed home to get SOME Canada Day traditions done.  Like playing 1914 versions of 'O Canada' and 'The Maple Leaf Forever'.

And witnessing the local kids with sparklers.

The CN didn't look particularly 'Canada-ish'.  However this is a better photo than most so far as my camera has gone to Deep River and this was taken with Cheryl's 'super zoom' camera.