Week 2
April 9-14(!)

Work for the second week was to build the new platform on the old roof to hold the new load.  This required the delivery of the lumber and set-up of the 'sky hook' to lift it to the roof.  At the end of the week we had a nasty and very windy storm that once again halted work.  BUT in order to catch up, the boys showed up on SATURDAY.  That's when the walls went up and things really looked like they were happening!

Other notes: 

-Surprise(!) #1 happened as the structure of the front of the house wasn't  how the architect had anticipated.  M.J. Designs sent their structural engineer to discuss things with Scott and we had a happy ending as the engineer agreed with how Scott was going to support our new floor at the front.
-Little suprise #2 was how small the room felt at first.  M.J. Design was very sensitive as to how the new work would blend in and also very serious about getting the work accepted by the Toronto Planning Committee--the result was to not make the addition TOO large.

On Monday the lumber arrived on one large truck that carried its own forklift.

So much for a driveway.

Now we can see the old roof joists and the 'insulation'--wool(?), sand(?), and(?).  There was also some old abandoned bird nest and hornet nest! (Trinette says the nest is visible in this photo.  Where?)

Now to put down the new supports for the weight.

The 'skyhook'.  (Note they kept showing where the second floor skylight was to ensure no one had a nasty adventure.)

Lots of junk to cart away.

The Lady Of The Manor being nosey.

In the middle of the night Wednesday the tape holding the temporary patch in the bathroom gave out!  The Lady Of The Manor and I were propping things up--and cleaning---at 2:30am!  Here is our handiwork to hold things up as well as the mess that was 'raining' in from inside the roof before we got it under control.

As reported, the rain kept the workers away again.  But on Saturday they caught up!

Oh, yes.  In order to connect up the plumbing, etc. we had to make room to get to an inside wall.  One that was rather conspicuous(?).  (And that looks like a 'Kingdom Hearts' video game on the TV.)

As mentioned, hard to tell from the street.