Week 3
April 16-21(!)

Work for the third week was to 'close' things up and prepare for the 'systems' work--plumbing, electrical and heating.  The weather finally became spring-like, and Casa Wright was (almost) sealed.

Note the height of the chimney.  The new roof meant it had to be raised.

We prepared (painfully) on the inside for work that didn't happen...

On Wednesday, the roofer arrived to finally seal things up.

(Gross looking bucket.)

Hmm, something about our flat roof doesn't bring out the best in roofers...although I'm told that there is still a finishing coat of a membrane still to go on.

We also had two deliveries that were used at the end of the week: our new ("Energy Star"(!))

And bricks and mortar to make the chimney higher (there goes the driveway again and they used our bicycle tarp to shield the mortar).

ANOTHER stair way to heaven showed up on Friday!

They finished up Saturday (again!).

Before                                              After

(And see, they replaced deteriorating brick under the eaves too!)

The door was also installed Friday.

Postponed roof job (as mentioned earlier, because the reno was being done) + spring thaw + torn off roof for new work + bad April storm = messy ceiling in one room.  We had buckets and a tarp on the floor.

Later when I cleaned it up, I found one of the many lovely colours that the room had been decorated in over the last 80 something (?) years.

Full disclosure for (naturally) very interested neighbours takes a modern twist:

(Photo slightly altered to protect some privacy.)