Week 7
May 14- 18

The great cover up, and the preparation for the stairs (and the controversy).

The drywall was started.

Special grey stuff behind the bath.  Special green stuff to fight humidity.

Sanded drywall compound leaves lots of dust.  You don't have to be a member of CSI to use this as a clue.

Holes are covered!

And the old closet is demolished to be the landing for the new staircase.

Remember the pink in the middle room from years back?  How about that green?  (We left it hidden in the closet.)

The hole was used to gauge the size of the new stairs.

Surprise(!) #3: we were ready to measure for the stairs.  As it turns out the company Scott was using was too busy with easy work.  They must be making stairs for some of the many new houses being built around Toronto.  The man they sent first argued that the stairs were 'against the building code' (they stuck out slightly in front of a bedroom door) but when he was shown the plans and that the City approved, he said that it would be hard to bring them into the house.  The bottom line--no stairs from those clowns and Scott was looking for someone else.  "Not to worry," he said.  Hmm.

Later in the week...

Gee, the 'improvements' are un-improved.

They also started covering the outside.

And the clues were available to see how we got up there (and who wore slippers).