Week 8
May 21- 25

Okay, it's starting to drag now.  Yes, things always run longer than expected but this hasn't even run as long as planned yet and we're anxious to be done!  The stairs are ordered from a new guy and they are supposed to be under production already. 

The main painting was done and the outside was almost finished except for the wall we'll share with next door--that needs a different siding altogether--and some small details.

But what was noteworthy was the weather and the wildlife again.

Look at this picture then go back to what they were dressed like in week 1!!!!

One morning, Scott found this bat at the bottom of the stairway to heaven.

It looked like it wasn't even breathing, but when it was gently prodded it opened its month and stuck its tongue out.

I swept it into a box to give it a more private place to be sheltered and it opened its wings.  To startle us?

I put the box open on its side in the shade thinking it should mimic where our Bruce Wayne really wanted to be in the daytime.  (Yes, believe it or not I very very carefully took the paper off the bat before I moved the box.  I didn't want either of us having a nasty accident.)  At the end of the day I told Trinette and showed her the pictures.  She immediately wanted to go out and look into the box.  I said to go ahead but I wouldn't--I didn't want to see anything sad.  Fortunately, she reported the box was empty and there were no signs of foul play inside or around the box.  I have since confirmed that.  And that's the best possible result.  We can now all imagine our various happy endings.


Then painted.

Bright, isn't it?

As mentioned above, here is the siding etc.  Including the bit in the front that was never done.  On MJ Design's original plans the triangle at the front was to become a window.  Once the roof was opened up it became obvious that it would be at ankle height and too deep to do anything.  That's where the skylights came in.