Week 9
May 28 - June 3

The stairs are still missing in action, however there were a number of developments.  It feels like we're close but like kids at Christmas it's not coming fast enough!

First, we found a new use for the 'stairway to heaven'--an accident-proof rest for the wine while we have dinner on deck 2!

Scott originally said he wouldn't pick up the tiles until they were all in and we're waiting for some small decorative tiles from Montreal. 

However, he DID go and pick them up.  Because....

The pile of wall tiles...

...were needed as weight on the skyhook...

To pull up the bathroom vanity.

And at the end of the week Scott was told he could pick up the decorative tiles.  When he arrived they had...one tile.  He pointed out they were missing 31 tiles!  He'll probably get them Tuesday in Week 10.

But later in the week, they did start tiling in the bathroom.

Under there is a floor heating pad.

We were asked what colour we wanted the grout.  Too many choices.  What, some decorator freaks make it RED or what?

This is how they cut the tiles.

And how knees were protected putting them down.

On the outside, the wall to the neighbours was covered--it's different because it had to be more fire resistant by the building code.  At least it's the same colour, but we won't have to look at it again.

And they installed the gutter.

I had planned to make a joke about how the infamous maple tree hadn't yet nailed the new gutter.  Then I looked down.  Too late!

We also had some other deliveries.
The doors (bathroom and closet).

And the potlights (okay, they were delivered earlier but they are being used at the end of the week).

And we picked up the outside light.

There's that energy-thing again AND it won't add to nighttime light pollution!

Another story this week is trying to buy the hardwood floor.  We had decided on 2 1/4 inch red oak we found for a good price at Rona.  By the time we went back this week to buy it, we had to hit three stores (after finally getting SOME customer service where they'd checked the computer to locate some at one store) to find any.  They all had 3 3/4 inch, no problem.  This store wouldn't hold it for the contractor to pick up and our van couldn't fit 15 boxes of it so we planned to get it picked up early the next morning.  I wanted to at least SEE it (because I didn't believe they had it) but even then they said it was up in the rafters somewhere and they wouldn't get it until we bought it.  So The Lady Of The Manor was at the store with the contractor at 7 am.  And guess what?  They didn't have it after all.  In fact, there wasn't any left in the Rona system for 100 miles!  We were so annoyed that we started shopping again.  Unfortunately, the 2 1/4 would take so long to order from anyone and the Rona price/quality on this particular product was so good that we did go back to buy the 3 3/4 inch.  Apparently the wider size is in fashion and the thinner stuff is made only from the wood left over.  So it's in scarce supply.

We now interrupt this week's 'CasaWright' for our usual Old Toronto nature photography/story. 

We had smelled this little creature earlier in the week.  Here he is in broad daylight on garbage--er--recycling day 2 doors down.

Later in they week they cut through between the floors and what appears?

Jacob's Ladder!

The Lady Of the Manor makes first (interior) contact!!!!! (And BTW she was very pleased with the amazing lack of mess they left!)

And with enough natural light I can also finally photograph the stencil on the wall that was under the ancient ugly paint on the even more ancient wall paper.  Imagine how old this is!

Then with no remaining purpose (besides amassing another month's rental) we bid a fond 'farewell' to the wine stand--no--Stairway To Heaven!

Saturday night I went up after dark and was pleased to almost get hit (at least that's how it felt) by a couple of bats!

Last glass of wine on Sunday night during a rain storm.  (Ken, the electrician, had come on Saturday to start the final work.  Note the wires hanging out.)