Fall, 2006

Well, it finally happened.  After who knows how many years, we could not get to our traditional site for pictures.  There was a police blockade.  It could be a maintenance-related current thing only--but we won't know for another year.  We took the opportunity to find a nice picnic spot at Glenn Haffy and went on one of their 'nature walks'.

No, not one of ours.

Yucking it up at Downey's Halloween section.

Too true in our house!!!!!!

Where's that perfect pie pumpkin?

Milkweed at 'Forks Of The Credit' park (closest we got to the old stomping ground).

Thanksgiving picnic.

A double recipe of bean dip (mostly) disappears by magic!!!!

Nature walk.

Robin Hood and Little John?

Usual portraits at an unusual spot.