Fall, 2007

So it's official: our traditional spot is now Glenn Haffy and includes one of their 'nature walks'.  This year Keira was working on the Sunday so three of us had a different sort of trip that day.  Then we had our usual trip all together on the Monday.  Keira was disappointed to miss our earlier apple-picking trip (working again) so we tried to go the Thanksgiving Monday.  Big mistake.  We found traffic up the 'country road' about as bad as downtown!

Check out the weather!  It was so warm that I am in shorts and sweating!  Global warming at its best?

The other thing of note is that we have an official portrait of all five of us taken by a good samaritan--the first in quite some time.
The aforementioned traffic.

Overflow parking where we ususally do our apple picking.  Not today!

Picnic time.

Nature walk.

This year's portraits.