Fall, 2008

So it's official: our traditional spot is now wherever we want to go.  This year Keira was working on the Sunday--but was let off early so the five of us had another different sort of trip that day.  Then we had our new un-usual trip all together again on the Monday. 

On the Sunday, we had a quick picnic in E.T. Seton Park then took a long-ish route to Brampton--which is NW of us--by going North then West.  Eventually making it to Downey's (of course) before our traditional dinner.

On the Monday, we did the usual Canadian thing in the depths of the cold fall--we went to the beach!  Wasaga Beach!

Check out the weather!  It was incredibly warm again and I am in shorts!

We also took the opportunity to wish Granddad well for his 79th birthday!

(BTW: I was still recovering from shoulder surgery required for 2 bicycle mishaps over the last 4 years.)
Picnic time (1).

They're going to have some kinda pies or Jack-O-Lanterns!

Toasting his birthday dessert or putting out the fire?!!

He didn't get the biggest piece?  (Don't let him kid you--he was given a dessert all his own!)

Life's a beach!

Picnic time again! 

This year's portraits.

Downtown Toronto and the Don Valley.