Fall, 2011

Back to being a warm year!   Kendal was working or was sick all weekend so we again took the opportunity to take the toys on a double two-up drive on a slower road.   Many years before we had been to Tyrone Mills this time of year and they were making apple cider in the old place.  Thanksgiving apparenlty isn't 'apple weekend' but they were still busy.

Before we left we noticed a huge spider had captured the neighbours' car.

Trinette got her motorcycle license this year and took Keira on the scooter.

(Keira doesn't look like she wants to bail...)

And Mom and Dad ended up on the Cruise Missile.  This is the only shot of Dad all day.

Okay, I lied.  Here is my helmet...

Tyrone Mills for lunch!

No apple cider being made today but there was honey...


...and a busy blacksmith.


Before heading back to Bramalea for dinner, we were able to get our 'official photos'. 
(Yes, he went to work that way...)


The next day (with Dude sick in bed) we went apple picking.  At Froo Togo?  What's a Froo?  What's that got to do with the island of Togo?

These trees at least were short enough for Trinette...