Schuco Toy Cars
Or at least two that use Thorens movements.

Bob Yates was kind enough to inform me of the toy brand "Schuco" which produced at least two toy cars containing Thorens music box movements.  The music box stood in, I guess, as the car's radio and hence 'Radio'  was part of the model name.  "The Schuco company was founded in 1912", according to the website listed below, and are more "noted for there ingenious mechanisms made in the 1930s through the 1950s."

Vintage Schuco Radio 5000 listed perhaps as 1938 in the following website,  "
was one of Schuco's first models. It was also the least produced of there[sic] regular production models. It sported A Thorns [sic] music box, hence the name Radio, which was turned on and off by the long spring like knob running along the top of the car."  For more see:  (this link no longer works and I cannot find anywhere that it may have gone)

Another source says the original Radio 5000 was introduced in 1938 and had a short production run that ended in 1943.

Vintage Schuco Radio 4012 US-Zone Germany 1952 - 1964 .   For more, see: (again, this link is dead)

I did pick up a cheapish 4012 but neither of the above are part of my collection.  I wish...