Thorens Harmonica

As confirmed in the letter shown on the main page from 1914-1921 and 1938-1952 (see email below regarding WWII) Thorens made harmonicas.  Tremolos, octave harps, 10-hole Richter diatonics, 10-hole and 12-hole slide chromatics, and four-key tremolo harps. 

I also received an email to say that the Gretsch (guitar and drum firm) Chromatic #235 Harmonica was made by Thorens.

Advert from the Bend Bulletin,  February 4, 1947 pg. 4.

This is an ebay purchase from 2008.

I received the following email:

Dear Keith,

Enjoying your
Thorens website.

Did you know that
Thorens manufactured plastic 10-hole harmonicas during WWII?

I owned and played them during the time when The “Unpleasantness”
precluded import of Hohner harmonicas.  I was but 9-years-old at the time, but the memory of Thorens plastic instruments is treasured.  

Walt Cunningham

A famous player, Bernie Bray endorsed Thorens harmonicas in Toronto in the late 40's.  A Thorens flier printed in Switzerland in 1949, which includes
beginner's instructions,  was titled, "It's Easy To Play The Bernie Bray Way.”

Doug Dawson of Canada is a harmonica collector and in 2014 sent this picture of part of his collection: